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Comprehensive learning program

Assimilation of knowledge opportunities.

Community service and environmental protection initiatives.

Academic Zone

  • Spacious and innovative classrooms of 550 sq. ft. each.
  • Internet connectivity, interactive boards, and projector screens.
  • Assistance in the library, management of the news board, and school magazine.

Overall development Opportunities

  • Debate, elocution, and etiquette building.
  • Presentation skills, public speaking, reading, calligraphy, clay modeling.
  • Drawing, gardening, origami, painting, and pottery.

Foundation Courses

  • IIT/NEET/Civils for grades VI-X.
  • Olympiad for grades I-X.
  • International Olympiads like RMO, IAPT, etc.
  • All standard competitive examinations.

Other Faciliites Include

Outdoor Activities:  Athletics, Skating, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho-kho, Taekwondo 

Indoor Activities:  Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Carroms, Board games. 

Physical Education:  Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, Callisthenics.

Smart classrooms:  Holistic Digital Learning Experience

Library:  A space for intellectual wisdom

Science lab:  The birth of innovation

Playground:  Spirit of energy rises

Music room:  The tunes of melodious learning

Computer lab:  A monitor towards a digital future

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