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At Delhi World School, we think that the importance of the curriculum and the teachers is equal. The DWS teaching faculty is skilled and qualified and has extensive knowledge of the CBSE curriculum. They are skilled at preparing students for international competition and success in a cutthroat environment. The professors are skilled at spotting the pupils’ areas of academic strength and development. Many interesting teaching and learning techniques have been used, challenging and motivating students to achieve their full potential. DWS places an emphasis on imparting the knowledge and abilities required for success in the twenty-first century. 

A demo of the teacher is taken before choosing one. They are only chosen if they meet the specified requirements, and after that, internal CBSE training will be offered to instructors to assist them in gaining a thorough understanding of the school and the curriculum. It should be mentioned that all of the lead teachers at Delhi World School hold degrees and are certified by organisations that oversee education. For updates on the educational landscape, our faculty frequently participates in national and international educational symposia and seminars. To assist parents in understanding the school’s curriculum and teaching methods, we hold periodic parent-teacher conferences and orientation programs.

Children will generally experience a holistic approach to teaching and learning at DWS. This is done in a variety of ways, including regular curriculum reviews, the addition of new subjects, and regular upgrades to the school’s infrastructure and amenities.

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