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Physical and mental health abilities:

At Delhi World School, we believe that physical and mental health is essential for a student’s well-being. We provide regular yoga and meditation classes to all students, facilitated by qualified instructors who empower students to improve their mental strength and self-awareness.

Sports and Physical Education:

At DWS, we prioritize overall development and academic excellence. We recognize the importance of sports in instilling values like teamwork, cooperation, and endurance in students. That’s why we offer a comprehensive physical education program, which includes various sports activities such as Karate, Cricket, Basketball, Yoga, Badminton, Table Tennis, and Kho-Kho. Our students have achieved recognition at state and national-level competitions, making us proud.

Crafts and arts:

At DWS, we understand that creativity is essential for personal expression and development. Our expert professionals encourage students to explore their artistic spirit through art, drama, dance, and music. Our private space for art allows students to unleash their imaginations and develop skills in creativity, individuality, and self-confidence.

Personality Improvement:

DWS aims to provide a conducive environment for students to develop into mature individuals in society. Our wide range of personality development activities, events, and programs instill a sense of commitment towards society and community. Our teachers offer career guidance to motivate and assist students in growing and improving their knowledge, skills, and personalities.

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